Catalog season starts early this year

I thought that catalogs arrived in January, but we already got the Jonny’s and Fedco seed catalogs, and yesterday the Bluestone Perennial catalog arrived. I enjoyed looking through the Bluestone catalog–I am thinking about planting some ilex, winterberry, bushes next Spring. They are native, and pretty, and good for birds. In the Fedco book I decided which flower seeds to order. As always my list includes delphinium and nasturtium. I also will order heliotrope, sunflowers, and zinnias. I think I’ll get cleome seeds as well. Meanwhile we are decorating for Christmas! We got a tree-farm balsam fir. It’s beautiful! dec 9 007The cats supervised our activities, either from the sofa, dec 9 010Or from the kitchen table:dec 9 018We put Tschaikovsky’s “Nutcracker Suite” on the boom box and hang ornaments. Let the season begin!???????????????????????????????


3 thoughts on “Catalog season starts early this year

    • He tried! He went out to our woods and looked for one, but all the cedar trees are too big–the deer eat the little ones. So we got to buy a tree-farm balsam this year–nice! And I decorated last night, so the tree looks really pretty.

      • It is just beautiful Anne. I just saw the pictures of it and the cats lounging around on your next post. I won’t see you before Christmas so take good care and enjoy the holiday.

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