the promised photos and more foggy trees

So, here are pictures of those geese (ducks?) and the frog garden ornaments I got from Jeanne. december 3 030These are painted metal, no marks indicating where they are made. One is much more detailed than the other. I thought of naming them Quick and Quack. Here is the frog:december 3 033David thinks it’s a rain chime–the rain falls into the little metal cups, they tip, hit each other, drop the water, fill again, etc. Sounds cool. I’m not excited about the frog statue, but I like the chimes.december 3 034Yesterday David put Christmas lights on a dwarf lilac bush by our front porch. It looks great in the fog–my camera doesn’t really do it justice.???????????????????????????????It’s a lot prettier in the full dark, of course. This morning I went out on the front porch and snapped a bunch of foggy pictures.???????????????????????????????

elm tree

elm tree

graceful white pine

graceful white pine

rugged maple tre

rugged maple tree



2 thoughts on “the promised photos and more foggy trees

  1. Of course you have to keep the frog Anne! And I would say those were ducks. The fat tasty ones found in barnyards. The pictures are great. Thanks for sharing.

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