November 11 garden update


I went out to feed the horses this morning and carried the camera with me. I didn’t have a lot of time, but I snapped pictures of whatever appealed to me. We got a dusting of snow, and it looks nice on the little rock walls here and there. This is a picture I took from the upstairs hall window, looking north. nov 12 snowy morning 022I was inspired by my photographer niece to take pictures of unlikely things: here is a swing seat:nov 12 snowy morning 033And this tractor and baler in the hay field across the street caught my eye:???????????????????????????????Here is a nice picture of the rock pile coated with snow and ice:nov 12 snowy morning 031 Mr Fluff came on the walk around the yard with me. Here he is on the alert for the black cat who is hanging around our yard. The two of them get into yowling and stalking and staring matches now and then. nov 12 snowy morning 043These days the echinacea and sunflowers have been attracting chickadees and goldfinches. Here’s a picture of a sunflower on my winter menu:???????????????????????????????The vegetable garden is set for the winter. This is a picture of it from the upstairsĀ  bedroom window, looking south. You can see the little greenhouses. Yesterday David added old horse manure to the whole garden, along with hay mulch. He planted the garlic last weekend. nov 12 snowy morning 023I got all my tulips planted. You can’t see anything, of course, but here is where many of them are planted in the back yard:nov 12 snowy morning 026And many are also planted in these two beds north of the driveway:nov 12 snowy morning 032???????????????????????????????The garden phlox seedheads like to gather fistfuls of snow:???????????????????????????????And the bench under the apple tree is also gathering snow–not too appealing as a sitting spot:nov 12 snowy morning 030I still have not dug up the dahlias or glads–hopefully that will happen today, because we’re supposed to get really cold temperatures tonight. I might be out there this evening with cold fingers and a head lamp!