Indoor plants

I went to my brother’s wedding last weekend, and my Dad brought everyone a gift of gigantic mums he’d seen at a farm stand. ???????????????????????????????They were the usual “ball” shaped carefully tended and pruned mums. I’ve tried growing mums before, but they never make it through the winter. I’ll try again with this one, but first I’ll cut off all of the flowers (yes, all of them) to give it a boost. I’ll mulch it carefully and put it in a protected spot. Maybe with these warmer temperatures lately it will be OK.  Also, our bay window has two large new plants: a kind of hibiscus. Our good friends Jim and Robert saw these languishing in a store and took them home, where they flourished, until they got a new kitten. The new kitten, Chip, decided that destroying young trees was the best game in town. So we’ve inherited them until Chip grows up and learns better manners. We’re fostering them, so to speak. They have gorgeous melon yellow flowers. ???????????????????????????????oct 13 030???????????????????????????????oct 13 034

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