Fall in the garden

I still have 75 tulips and some more narcissus to plant. I decided to re-do the back yard garden’s lower edge to make a spot for bulbs and for next year’s dahlias. Here’s the cart and the composted manure pile–???????????????????????????????I first ripped out a lot of false sunflower, a peony that was too crowded, and a giant sweet cicely plant. Then I added two heaping wheelbarrow loads of the compost. Here’s the end result:??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????oct 13 005By the time that was done I ran out of time to plant the bulbs, but this is the hard part–that should go quickly.

The weather on Sunday was like a dream of summer. Warm, sunny, lazy. Here are some photos I snapped of the cats’ reaction. First Norman, sleeping in a somewhat awkward position on a sunny slope:???????????????????????????????And Tater found a comfy spot:oct 13 026Mr Fluff was relaxing in the dahlia patch:oct 13 015And then followed me to the front porch:???????????????????????????????I picked some dahlias and took pictures of some, too:??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????oct 13 014oct 13 036???????????????????????????????Above is the view from the front porch. Golden leaves are falling fast now. Canada geese honk overhead. Pretty soon winter will be here.


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