Warm October morning in the vegetable garden

We’re having a dry spell, beautiful warmish days and cool nights. It seems like every weekday is beautiful and every weekend it’s cloudy or rainy.

I was in the vegetable garden the other day in the morning before going to work. I was able to stuff myself with strawberries. Here’s the row, and a close up below.

strawberry patch

strawberry patch

red jewels!

red jewels!

And I took a bunch of photos of the small rock-lined herb garden. The anise hyssop (agastache) self-seeds generously every year, and I have to weed them out or we’d be overrun. They bloom right up to frost, and the bees are all over them. ???????????????????????????????october 3 008

David tackled the horse radish, and he has already made a batch of horseradish sauce. Only brave people can eat it–very powerful stuff! I am certain that horseradishes will be flourishing in our garden long after we are gone.

David communes with the horseradish

David communes with the horseradish

I also took some pictures of the swiss chard, which glows with its big green leaves and bright red stems. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????And I took a little picture of a few small empty clay pots, their job done for one season. Next Spring they will be full of potting soil and seedlings again.???????????????????????????????

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