Start of Fall

We’ve had some glorious weather the last two weeks. The trees have started to change to orange, red and yellow. At night the moon and stars have been bright–just beautiful. In the garden I cherish every dahlia bloom, because I know soon the frost will bring them to a black end. Then I’ll dig up the tubers and store them for next year.

dahlia patch on September 27
dahlia patch on September 27

Yesterday my order of hyacinths and tulips arrived from Colorblends Company. So this weekend will be planting time. I’ll also dig up and store glad corms after a hard frost.  But otherwise garden work is over for another year.


David took a photo of me among the sunflowers:???????????????????????????????And I took one of him helping the trumpet vine get a foothold on the playset:

helping the campsis vine get a foothold
helping the campsis vine get a foothold

The bumble bees are getting slower and slower as the temperatures fall. Here is one on an anise hyssop (agastache) that appeared to be asleep!bee anise hyssopThe hydrangea are all doing their thing, looking lovely in shades of pink:september 21 093It may not be a flower, but the chard in the vegetable garden is so pretty I took a photo:???????????????????????????????I’ll take some photos this weekend when I plant the tulips. I’m going to buy a large quantity of ground hot pepper to plant with the bulbs to discourage voles.

Azteca dahlia
Azteca dahlia

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  1. Michele Whalen says:

    It’s a beautiful paradise of color Anne. That Azteca dahlia is something else! Be well my Friend.

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