neglected fall garden

The weeds will just have to stay until winter kills them. At this point, all I’m doing is cutting flowers and doing a little bit of basic maintenance, like staking up the dahlias another level the other day. I did get the five peonies I received from Klehm’s planted. Next comes the tulips I ordered, but that will be the last big job. This morning was chilly but not frosty. I went around picking flowers and taking photos.september 9 006Norman was enjoying the protected spot here. ???????????????????????????????The old hydrangea is in full bloom at the corner of the front porch, and below is the newer “pink diamond” hydrangea in the front yard:september 9 012I love the rusty pink color. The volunteer sunflowers are very prominant and cheerful:september 9 013I want to be sure not to pick too many of these, because they’ll seed more babies for next year and feed birds in the winter. The garlic chives are looking pristine, and pretty, but I will cut the stalksĀ  before the seeds ripen to avoid the incredible number of babies it made last year.???????????????????????????????Tater enjoyed his morning grooming on the front porch:???????????????????????????????And lastly here are some of the bouquets I’ve brought inside:

september 9 015september 9 001september 9 004september 9 003???????????????????????????????september 9 005


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