back to work–and not in the garden!


Classes start this week, on Thursday, so time in the garden will be severely curtailed from now on. I focused recently on a thorough renovation of the “sandy” garden. It is based on sand, so I have to be careful about letting it get too parched. Only tough, drought-tolerant plants can live there. I weeded, sharpened up the edges, expanded one section, added many loads of old manure, and lastly straightened and widened the central path. That entailed moving some plants, mostly echinacea and rudbeckia. Here are the outside edges, with a nice low rock wall:?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Here is the widened central path:??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Here are some more photos of the back yard, dahlias, glads, and others:?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????As you can see, the cardboard covered with hay has lasted well, and looks nice and neat. Next year, I’ll add compost and mulch and then it can be planted. More dahlias and glads:??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Above is a pretty sprawling false sunflower, and the nice mulched wide paths. At the bottom of the picture is the raised strawberry bed. I scattered cilantro, poppies, and cleome seeds in it a few weeks ago. I don’t know if the flowers will have enough time to flower. But the cilantro is growing nicely:???????????????????????????????

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