major remodeling effort in the “square” garden

Here are is a “before” photo of what we call the square garden:???????????????????????????????This picture was taken in late July–I had put the “Thelma rocks” there ready to build a nice low wall. The garden needed more compost added; low flowers in the back were hidden by a wall of tall phlox and echinacea that seeded itself there without my help. I also wanted fewer but wider paths. Some plants I wanted to move out of there altogether, such as iris that invariably flopped and some overgrown patches of short daylilies.  Yesterday was a good day for working outside, so I got all my gardening equipment out and did nothing but work on this garden all day. First I got the wall built: ???????????????????????????????But I still had the garden itself to work on. Here’s a picture from the west end, standing on the stone bench, just before I started in:???????????????????????????????Not bad, but a bit of a jumble, plenty of grass, no real back edge. And two stunning daylilies,  newly planted last year, were blooming but lost in the back. This is a photo I took yesterday of one of them, called “Orange Tremor”:august 1 014The other is called “Elizabeth Salter”, and it’s just fantastic. Here’s a photo of it from the internet, and mine looks just like this picture:1454_pageThis image is from the Oakes Daylilies website. That’s where I got both of these lilies, and they deserve a front row position.

In addition to moving some plants around in the garden and moving some out, this morning I bought two shrubs at the wonderful nursery Willow Tree in Potsdam, and planted them right away.  One is a new weigela with pink in the foliage, called “magical rainbow”:???????????????????????????????and the other is a “Pinky Winkie” hydrangea:???????????????????????????????After all that digging and weeding, here’s the garden, again taken from atop the stone bench:???????????????????????????????Conveniently, it’s been raining on and off all day today, and the newly planted shrubs and the transplanted flowers will get watered.
It looks a little bare and shocked, but it will fill in, I’m sure. And there is plenty of room for tulip bulbs!


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