garden visitors, human and not

This weekend a relative visited us and we spent quite a bit of time in the gardens. It was great to see the garden through her eyes–everyone sees different things. She left this morning and we packed the back of her car with some hosta divisions and a few other things for her garden. We looked at flower catalogs and did some “armchair garden design”: just sitting around saying stuff like “You know that back corner by the birdbath where the lilies are? What about putting some ….there?” We also spent a lot of time sitting on the front porch enjoying the front yard garden and the birds and butterflies that flitted around. She took a picture of me standing in the phlox patch in front of the sun porch:garden July 20 047This morning a friend from work came by to see the garden. We strolled around and talked about how this or that plant grows–or doesn’t, blooms–or doesn’t, and why. She left with a few intermediate iris corms–what I call “champagne”:

champagne iris

champagne iris

And the white and purple that is very showy:purples and orangesAnd a light orange one:iris intermed orangeWhen I divide plants to give some to friends I end up with more myself, since I re-plant the divisions in various places. I had another visitor who is a daylily afficianado, who came over to get some lilies, and brought me one of hers. The next day I visited her garden.

Anyway, I also had some non-human visitors–or residents. I managed to get a photo of a hummingbird moth the other day:garden July 20 039And a tiny tree frog took up residence in a daylily blossom:garden July 20 053The hostas, beebalm and cone flowers are all in full bloom, and the bumble bees are everywhere:garden July 20 026A house wren is nesting in the birdhouse on the telephone pole in the backyard, and scolds us when we or the cats hang around there too long.

The weather has been great for gardening. I’ve been weeding, newspapering, and mulching some paths in the back yard:???????????????????????????????The daylilies have just passed their peak but are still stunning, and the phlox are starting to billow. Do I have any pictures of them, you ask? Well, yes, I do! First, some of the phlox:??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????garden July 20 052garden July 20 048And here are some daylilies:garden July 20 032garden July 20 040Also, the dahlias are doing their thing:garden July 20 007garden July 20 004 By the way, this is my ONE HUNDREDTH post on this blog! I started it in March 2012. Here’s to 100 more!


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