the heat wave

More like a heat ocean, since it doesn’t come and go like a wave–it seems stuck here. Hard to do anything outdoors with these temperatures. You’d think that a major, long thunderstorm like we had the other day would have cooled it off, but it was still blazing hot yesterday. Ugh. Then in the evening and all night and this morning more rain. Plenty of water this year for the plants! So, what’s blooming in the garden:???????????????????????????????Daylilies are the big show at the moment. I go around every morning deadheading. It’s a nice way to start the day.??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????garden mid July 051garden mid July 087??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????garden mid July 111?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????And there are more, but this is a good sample. Besides daylilies, there are echinacea, yarrow, beebalm, hydrangea, and garden phlox blooming. Here’s some phlox:garden mid July 107???????????????????????????????And also, the hostas are blooming.???????????????????????????????garden mid July 144This miniature hosta, with tiny sword-shaped, lime-green leaves, went all out this year putting up flower stalks. Here’s a close-up:garden mid July 145In the morning and mid-afternoon I can sit in the hosta garden near the potting shed. The big maple tree shades the spot. Here the “bench” is still in the sun, but most of the day this is a cool shady mid July 113Stay cool, everyone!

One thought on “the heat wave

  1. Cooler weather is on it’s way Anne. 55F overnight here on the River. Great pictures of your beautiful flowers Anne.
    Be well my Friend.

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