just sitting there…and Thelma rocks

Years ago my good friend Thelma decided to make a labyrinth in her yard, paved with shaped “stones”  made of concrete, and planted with various flowers and herbs. It was beautiful–she and a neighborhood youth she hired to help made hundreds of small flat pavers and she laid them in a lovely pattern. But it proved too much work to keep weeded and eventually she decided to dismantle it. The stones were up for grabs, and I spent $400 later to get new struts for my little Dodge Neon car, because I wore them out transporting so many of the “Thelma rocks” as we call them. These were intended as paving stones, but we have mostly used them to build low walls or to edge paths. They are pretty much flat and not very big, so they are easy to work with in wall-building.

This morning I woke up late–it was 7:00 and when I got yawning out of bed and looked out the window I saw that David was already in the vegetable garden watering the plants. I felt lazy and not at all ambitious, as I strolled around the garden with my coffee. I thought, OK, no big deal, take another day off gardening. It was already feeling hot. But something happened 15 minutes later–I got an idea and by 7:30 I was busy. I stopped work at around 11, when David yelled out the kitchen window “Time for a water break!”. I managed to remember to take a before and an after picture. Here is the before:???????????????????????????????The soil here was poor–sandy, fine, rocky, always dry. Nothing I planted here seemed happy except the will-put-up-with-anything daylilies and hostas. I went down to the barnyard for some serious soil medicine: two-year-old composted horse manure. I put three heaping wheel-barrow loads on the garden, and I have a pretty big wheel-barrow. Then I contained the now higher garden with a three-deep wall of Thelma rocks. Here are some “after” pictures:???????????????????????????????

It really looks nice from the downhill side.

It really looks nice from the downhill side.

The delphinium are splendid right now, I just don’t have enough of them. Here are some about four years old:June 25 002I’ve never bought a delphinium plant–I start them all from seed. Inside I have a new crop of them started:

ten baby delphinium plants

ten baby delphinium plants

In daylily news, the very first to bloom last week was the Stella D’Oro: ???????????????????????????????

Stella was joined this morning by the miniature “Itsy Bitsy”, a little double yellow:June 25 006After lunch I showered and changed into nice clothes and put the tools back in the potting shed to announce to the world (and myself!) that I was done working for the day. I won’t say I didn’t pull another weed, but I mostly did just relax and enjoy the garden. It was great to sit in the shade listening to wind in the lilacs, songbirds’ calls, and the occasional cow/calf bellowing from the pasture. I watched the hazy clouds go by,  various bugs and butterflies, the sunshine on greenery and flowers, and tried not to sit there planning the next garden project!


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