Today I made a MESS

Sometimes I’m good and I clean up as I work. You know, hauling away the piles of weeds or culled plants, and the sod and rocks, and the tools. Today I started gardening at 6 am and stopped at 2 pm, with short breaks for breakfast and coffee and lunch. I made a glorious mess, and didn’t clean up anything. I finished the back yard rock wall. Here’s the evidence:

top part of the wall

top part of the wall

the rest of it

the rest of it

another view--can you tell I'm proud of it? I took lots of pictures!

another view–can you tell I’m proud of it? I took lots of pictures!

I also weeded out some overgrown iris and added a rock wall to the garden under the black walnut tree (another garden that needs a better name!) June 4 001In the front yard I cleared out lots of overgrown white iris that bloom then immediately flop (as in the flower stalks fall and the flowers land face down in the dirt) every year. I just decided they had to go. ???????????????????????????????That created more space for a new addition–I moved a small bush from a shady spot where for years it has been unhappy. I hope it likes its new home.

potentilla bush in a new home

potentilla bush in a new home

I also did more edging in the back yard to finish the entire garden.

the after picture--no, I am NOT showing the "before" picture!

the after picture–no, I am NOT showing the “before” picture!

The little cat Tater kept following me as I gardened in different places. He’d quietly find a shady spot under a plant or bush, and then I’d hear his purring sound and know he was nearby. I saw a yellow swallowtail butterfly, and stopped a moment to admire it. June 4 013A few minutes later I saw three of them, and at that I stopped, put down the trowel, sat down and took a big breath. One butterfly is nice, but three all together is a SIGN, to stop and enjoy the beauty all around.

butterfly on Dame's Rocket

butterfly on Dame’s Rocket

June 4 014As I sat there watching the butterflies, I also noticed bumble bees, and a hummingbird moth, innumerable flies and other small insects. I listened to the birds, and the sound of the wind through the trees. It’s a perfect day, blue sky, mid-60’s, sunny with white puffy clouds. I thought, I’m happy that so many creatures enjoy my garden.


1 thought on “Today I made a MESS

  1. Anne, you have created a wonderful garden for all of Mother Nature’s beings including yourself and David. Be well.

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