After the storm

Well, it rained absolute buckets the other day. We were inside with friends watching a movie and looked out at the sheets of rain sweeping through. And it rained hard through the night as well. But nothing got knocked down and there was no hail. It was warmish, too, and so overall it was a good rain for growy things.

???????????????????????????????A pheobe pair has built a nest in the potting shed. They busily fly in and out in relays, but the eggs have not hatched so I’m not sure what they are busy with–the nest is done, so I guess they’re sitting on the eggs or just keeping an eye on the area. When I go in the shed they give me the evil eye but don’t bother me or fly away. I’ll get a photo one of these days. Plant-wise the iris are the big show right now. I have intermediate ones which have been blooming for a week or so, and now the tall ones are coming on. I have several kinds of old-fashioned iris which are tall but have small flowers and so don’t flop so readily. Here are some:

plain blue old fashioned iris

plain blue old fashioned iris

on the left, a white iris with purple stitching on the edges

on the left, a white iris with purple stitching on the edges

old fashioned pale yellow irisold fashioned iris lavender

These older iris are quite different from the giants they have cultivated these days. There’s those bronze/gold iris in the back yard, for example:June 3 039And here is a close-up:June 3 041A few others:beautiful irisIMG_0027iris yellow and whiteThese  modern iris are flashy but they are top-heavy and often fall over unless I stake them. I’ve been culling my iris collection for this reason, and also moving them to the least windy parts of the garden. And I never buy tall iris anymore–although I drool over the catalogs every year. Recently I buy only intermediate size, which are only a foot to 18 inches tall.
Our weigela bush has reached full size this year. Every winter the deer prune it for us. It’s in full bloom now. ???????????????????????????????The red/orange honeysuckles –we have two now–are also in full bloom, and often visited by hummingbirds.???????????????????????????????It has taken almost ten years, but at last I seem to have achieved critical mass with the columbine. They’ve started self-sowing all over the place. I got seeds from several friends over the years, and never had more than one or two plants, but now I have entire patches, swathes, swales, sweeps of them! The colors range from pale pink to deep purple. ???????????????????????????????June 3 024???????????????????????????????Hoping to finish up the back yard stone wall soon. The peonies are all budded and showing color, and most are staked up, so I’m ready for them!

fancy white peony I got from Khlem's Songsparrow Nursery two years ago.

fancy white peony I got from Khlem’s Songsparrow Nursery two years ago.

One thought on “After the storm

  1. Absolutely beautiful irises Anne. So many colors. We have you on our calendar for 6/22 so will see you then if not before. Be well.

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