Garden Potluck Party in June!

We got kind of rained out for the May garden party, so we decided to plan another one for June. We’ll send out invitations in mid-June, and we have the party scheduled for June 22. Unfortunately, by then I think the peonies will be done blooming, and the daylilies will be not quite open yet–we will just have to have another party in July to celebrate the daylilies.

Right now the main project is getting the seedlings and other plants in the ground.

plants waiting to get in the ground

plants waiting to get in the ground

Yesterday I got the dahlias planted, in the back yard.

backyard with a row of dahlias

backyard with a row of dahlias

This is the beginning of the end of this patch of lawn. Today I will put wet newspaper in thick layers on the sod, topped with wet, half-composted hay, to mulch heavily around these dahlias. The rest of the grass here will get the same treatment–I will dig holes, put the sod in a low spot where we’re trying to fill in, and plant various things, not sure what yet, and then give it the newspaper/hay mulch treatment. By next summer the grass will be killed, the worms will have made worm-poop of the newspaper, and the hay will have started sprouting new grass if I don’t keep an eye on it! But it will also have started to turn to dirt. I’ll add manure to the spot and soon enough it will be a terrific garden. Here are my super duper garden soil providers:

May 29 001We pile the manure up and let it compost in the barnyard:

garden soil in the making

garden soil in the making

The iris are lovely right now. Here are a few portraits of them.May 29 009May 29 007???????????????????????????????


1 thought on “Garden Potluck Party in June!

  1. Gotta love horse manure. I’ve got a place where I get a truckload of it every year. Good stuff! I’ve got the 22nd on my calendar Anne.
    Be well my Friend.

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