buying lilacs!

Just back from a lilac-buying visit to the wonderful Moore’s Hill Farm between Canton and Potsdam. It’s right down the road from Mom’s Diner in West Potsdam. We headed there for lunch right after loading up the four lilacs I purchased. ???????????????????????????????

The owners of the farm are very enthusiastic, friendly, welcoming and helpful. Here’s a picture of their lovely old barn and lawn, and a glimpse of the rows of Lilacs out back:getting lilacs I bought a deep purple (Monge), a white (Madame Lemoine) and two pinks, (Miss Canada and Lilac Sunday). They’re still in my car but when I get home and plant them I’ll take some more photos.

One thought on “buying lilacs!

  1. Ah the smell of lilacs in the spring. I’m sure they’ll be beautiful Anne. I’m sorry we couldn’t make it over yesterday. Hopefully we’ll see you and the gardens in the not too distant future. Be well my Friend.

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