ordering bushes and trees–going permaculture!

Inspired by my sister as usual! She always did like vegetable gardening more than flower gardening. We’ve been reading a lot about permaculture and perennial vegetables, perennial foods. We’ve just ordered, after a whole month of sustained discussion and study of books and nursery catalogs, our first fruit trees: pears, apricots, elderberry, hardy kiwi, honeyberry, and some others. We are also planting strawberries this year. We ordered some highbush cranberry to plant at the bottom of the front yard where two old half-alive maple trees still are–planning ahead. We also bought two dozen red raspberry plants.  Most of these are ordered from our local nursery, St Lawrence Nurseries.

We are planning to plant more edibles in the flower beds, and to keep the deer away we’ll put up a fence around the whole back yard and south-facing slope where the big herb wheel once was. This is a pretty big change in our whole garden concept–we used to say “the flower gardens” (Anne’s domain) and “the vegetable garden” (David’s domain), and I also had a few herb spots here and there. But now I plan to have a cutting garden for flowers in the vegetable garden, and we will plant edible plants in the flower beds. That means no more wood-chip mulch from the St Lawrence University stables, since they use fly spray on the horses.

So, for no good reason I’m ending this post with some photos of the hot days of high summer. Just because I can!

July 6

July 6

August 21 black walnut leaves

August 21 black walnut leaves

July 29 poppies

July 29 poppies


May 28

May 28


3 thoughts on “ordering bushes and trees–going permaculture!

  1. I went through a seed catalog last night dreaming of planting everything under the sun. Raspberries are on the list, as are three blueberry bushes. St Lawrence Nursery looks like a great place–I can’t believe I have NEVER been there, ANNE! 🙂 Next time we visit, for sure. And because I have so much room, I am growing giant zinnia this year! See you soon….

  2. Hello Anne from cold and wet Suwanne, Ga., We are leaving here tomorrow hoping that Florida will be sunnier and warmer. How interesting that you and David have similar ‘areas’ as I say I’m in charge of the vegetables and happily, since I know nothing about them, leave the beautiful flowers to Valerie. Great summer pictures that make me happy it is on its way. Be well my Friend!

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