Welcome to Damsel Fly!

I don’t have any photos yet, but Casey finally has a new pasture companion, and he is very happy. Damsel Fly, known as “Fly”, is a small Arab pony mare around 15 years old, chocolate brown bay and sweet as can be. She is smart and sensible. Before she arrived I had taken some precautions: scattered piles of hay widely so they wouldn’t fight over it, knotted some strips of old white sheet on a tricky downhill section of the electric fence wire so she could see where it was and wouldn’t run into it. And I cordoned off a section of the pasture where an old shed is being torn down, to keep her away from the dangerous piles of old boards and rusty nails. She arrived today around 1:30 pm, and I put Casey in his stall out of the way so she could take a look at the barnyard and environs for a few minutes on her own. Then when I let him out he barreled out of the barn like a runaway train and startled her so much she took off to the far end of the pasture with him in literally high-tailed pursuit. But their meeting was very low-key, after that. They sniffed noses and then she pretty much ignored him to check out the grass, the (many) mud and water puddles in the pasture, the fence line, the neighbors. He didn’t bother her but didn’t let her out of his sight. I will get photos and post them soon!


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Damsel Fly!

  1. Oh my god, very exciting horsiness! I can’t believe all the activity stayed within the fence! Does her tail go up over her back when she runs?

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