Winter at last

Hanging around in the barnyard this morning with Casey I heard then saw a chattery pilated woodpecker. I tried to get a photo when it landed close by and started pecking at a willow tree, but when I moved it flew off, protesting loudly. It seemed warm outside this morning because we had not a breath of wind. Peaceful. Here was the view Northwest from over Casey’s back:Christmas eve 007I walked around the yard taking pictures, and here is my favorite, of a rudbeckia still pretty even in winter:Christmas eve 026And the pink diamond hydrangea is pretty, too:Christmas eve 023The stray cat, Norman, has taken to the indoor life quite easily–the cold weather convinced him. We think he must have been someone’s kitten since he is so calm and well-behaved inside. Here he is in front of the woodstove.Christmas eve 045

Snowflake hiding under D's bass case.

Snowflake hiding under D’s bass case.

Outside, Casey still patiently endures his solitary life–we are still working on finding him a friend. He likes to stand where he can see the beef cows. He’s doing fine, but he’ll be glad to have horse company.

Have you tried

Have you tried

Here he is noticing the neighbor walking his dog–excitement! He went over to check them out.Christmas eve 016

Let me just go check to make sure they are not a threat!

Let me just go check to make sure they are not a threat!

Everything is pretty with a frosting of light snow. Merry Christmas everyone!Christmas eve 010Christmas eve 021Christmas eve 039

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