Across the street is what we call “the falling down house”. Every year it sags a little more. The sunset was pretty, but the colors don’t really show up in this photo. There’s the front yard, looking brown and bedraggled. The big maple by the road is mostly dead, but it puts out a prodigious amount of leaves anyway. One of these days it will come down–we never park our cars near it! Woodpeckers love that tree. You can see the strip of grass between the driveway and the garden–that’s slated to be removed in the spring.

This is a patch of white yarrow I planted here two years ago as a tiny single-stemmed specimen ripped up from a friend’s garden, carried home in a pocket and stuck in this spot hoping for the best. It blooms a lovely pure white color from Spring to frost. Now it fills this whole corner of this little garden and I’ve already taken three bits of it to plant elsewhere.

Another great plant is garlic chives. These spread like crazy–I’ve plucked seedlings from the path many times. It blooms blazing white, long-lasting flowers, from late summer to fall, and the seedpods look nice later, too, as you see here. The dark pods behind it are baptisia. I have planted bulbs of this garlic chive in a half dozen spots all over the garden.

Another view of the front yard: the tall seedheads are sunflowers that I leave for the birds, and to self-seed for next year. Maple leaves make a nice blanket, too. This morning we have a few inches of wet snow. I’m hoping for lots of snow this winter!

2 thoughts on “November

    • yes, and I am also glad for a break–I like it that over winter we can just read gardening magazines by the woodstove, make plans for all the work we’re going to do next Spring. I don’t know if I would like living someplace where you can garden 12 months a year.

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