warm weekend in November–tulips planted!

Thank goodness–I didn’t have to plant tulips in a freezing rain or cold wind–I’ve done that many times. I used Melinda’s method–hot chili pepper ground up, she says it discourages that voles that love to eat tulip bulbs. I planted around 50 bulbs, in batches of 7 to 9 in each spot, along with narcissus, and, in one spot, also some garlic chives. I dug out the spot, sprinkled generous amounts of hot pepper, set the bulbs, sprinkled the tulips again with hot pepper, and then carefully replaced the dirt. In order to discourage the cats from using the area as a litter box, I covered each patch with chicken wire. Here’s the result:

next year’s tulip patch, hopefully


more potential tulips

I ordered the tulips from White Flower Farms, of soft colors–pinks, peaches, blended colors of orange and yellow and pink. We’ll see, I hope they’ll make a nice show in the Spring. All of them are planted in the garden just across from the kitchen window. I chose that garden partly because it used to be a gravel driveway and still have lots of small stones in it, and I think that’s why the tulips there never get eaten–I think the stones make tunneling difficult for the voles.

With the tulips planted and protected the only chore remaining is digging up dahlias–it may already be too late. Well, it won’t be the first year I buy new ones in the Spring.

Here’s Tater overseeing my work from the top of my car





2 thoughts on “warm weekend in November–tulips planted!

    • Thanks! This next season I’m not planning on going on any trips so I expect to have a good year in the garden. The tulip planting didn’t actually take too much time–I don’t know why I procrastinated so long.

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