Hurricane Sandy brings down the barn

David estimates that this section of the barn was added on after WW II to the older main barn. It came down on Monday night from the winds of Hurricane Sandy. We had been trying to find someone who would take it down for years–it has a leaky roof and was missing one whole side–now we will have an easier time! As the photo  shows, the metal roof came down pretty much intact, and the rest of the barn seems unaffected. No animals were in it and so no one got hurt.

collapsed barn

I took a few pictures this morning before work of the few remaining spots of color in the garden.






I couldn’t resist taking some pictures of the cats, who kept a sharp eye on me as I wandered around the yard. Here is Mr. Fluff hoping to be let inside:

“if they would just put the door knob a little lower…”

Snowflake and Norman

Snowflake looks grumpy!








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