Vegetable garden going to sleep

We’ve been transferring a lot of veggies from the garden to the freezer or the mudroom (our root cellar) or pantry or soup pots.

armload of veggies

On my way back inside with some of the spoils I yelled at David through the kitchen window,”Bring out the camera! Take a picture!” so he did.

lots of vegetables!

I made sweet-potato soup, and a winter veggie stew with barley. I also chopped and blanched some kale and froze it, and chopped some parsley and froze it. The Kale and chard we’re leaving in. David has young greens still growing under protection, also.


3 thoughts on “Vegetable garden going to sleep

  1. Hi Michele! Guess what! The side barn fell over or rather fell down last night!! But no animals got hurt. It was so wierd, coming out to go to work this morning and half of the barn was crumpled on the ground!! It did not do any damage to the main barn–the hay mow and all that–just that part that sticks out towards the north. Wow. We’re gonna hire Sean to pull it apart. That’s our big news of the day. Thanks for reading my blog–I love getting your comments.

  2. Now I’m hungry Anne. We also have lots of beets in the ground as well as carrots. The chard is healthy but I need to cover it I guess. Thanks for reminding me!

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