Walk in the woods


These are pictures from a walk we took yesterday in the fields and woods.

We were watched warily by the beef cows and calves in the barnyard field–owned by our neighbor who leases the barn and pastures/hay fields. This is looking out into the “endless field”. All the fields and pastures have names, from when David and Val first moved there and started farming. The patch of woods there doesn’t have a name–we call it, inelegantly, “the woods that sticks out into the endless field”. We headed into those woods, and this is looking back from inside the woods into the field. The woods has a path–here is David ahead of me. The light was beautiful that afternoon.Back toward home I saw a brave late dandilion:and a fuzzy mullien rosette:Grey kitty was enjoying the late autumn sunshine from his perch on top of the car:

Where have you been?

The front yard is smothered in a blanket of fallen maple leaves now:And, no, I still have not planted those tulips!


A sad event: we got home late last night from eating out at the Thai restaurant in Potsdam. So we didn’t notice until this morning that a grouse had flown through TWO panes of glass, onto our sunporch, and scattered glass everywhere. It did not, of course, survive the impact. It was so pretty–beautiful brown, white, tan feathers.


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