making peace with weeds

I do not have many photos of weeds–there are plenty of them in the garden, but I usually aim the camera in a different direction. David says that I am the only one who notices all the weeds. Well, except maybe Eleanor, who always reaches down and pulls a few for me when she comes to visit the garden! Speaking of Eleanor, I just visited her garden the other day, and she gave me some seeds of the charmingly named plant “kiss me over the garden gate”. We’ll see how they do in my garden. Here’s a picture from the internet:And here are some of the sunflowers I brought in –mostly I leave these to re-seed and to feed critters over the winter.

late sunflowers

So, about weeds: my trip out west interrupted gardening, and I never really got back to it. It seems that once momentum is lost –or rather, once the weeds’ momentum is gained–I can’t dive back in easily. And once the semester starts, it’s pretty much hopeless, keeping the gardens free of weeds.  I’ve learned that if you take a photo from close enough up

false dragonhead

or from far enough away

meditation garden, patch of zinnias

the weeds disappear. The other important piece is finding the right size for the garden–I talked about downsizing, shrinking, retreating, re-lawning, whatever you want to call it. But I haven’t actually dismantled many spots yet. However, I am not expanding anymore–(famous last words)

fleabane? or wild asters, growing univited in the garden

Best would be learning to accept some grassy spots, some thriving weed patches, some imperfection. The main ingredients making any garden beautiful are healthy plants and a happy gardener. Rather than ignore or tolerate the weeds, hopefully I can simply co-exist with a certain amount of them. Some are easier to love than others!

wild purple aster in the garden


3 thoughts on “making peace with weeds

  1. Ha! I set the picture of your sunflowers as the background on my office computer. Now I can look at it very day. Such beautiful colors in those blooms……

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