I have a lot of dahlias but I am still oddly ambivalent about them. Every fall I think, “bah, I’ll just let them die of cold this winter” but then I can’t stand it and end up digging them. They are lovely, except the ones that get eaten up by earwigs. But they bloom so late–half of the ones I planted last Spring got buds the days before the frost (they’re all completely frozen now) and never even bloomed. However, the Bishop of Llandaff dahlias that I got this Spring from the catalog did well, and is my favorite. I planted the three of them in the new “telephone pole garden” in the back yard, and two of them sprouted. I planted them together with blue heliotrope that I grew from seed and it made a terrific display.

heliotrope and red dahlias

Here is the last of the dahlias, picked the day before the frost zapped all of them.

The last dahlia bouquet

Here are some close ups of the dahlias:

a nice purplish red with white highlights


bright pink


a really nice orange-pink one


orange-pink dahlia bush

the obligatory bee photo

I got this red one from my friend Robert, who got it from the side of the road


dahlias on the kitchen window sill


and one more of that orange pink one



1 thought on “Dahlias

  1. My favorit e is the orange pink one–it just glows! And I love the flowers in a vase on the kitchen window shelf–I know that kitchen window, and love the view across the pasture, and the people that make coffee every morning in that kitchen by the window!! šŸ™‚ I want to be in that kitchen, and sit by the wood stove, after hiking or snow shoeing out in the woods! Bye, bye, flowers. See you again next spring……

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