Back again finally!


I’ve been putting a lot of time into music and horses, and neglecting my garden, and also neglecting my garden blog! But I’m back with some stuff to report. First, after the semester started and I basically didn’t have time for gardening, David took up a lot of slack. When the road crews came along to trim trees and left a big pile of wood chips near our house, he picked it up and put it on the southside path to keep the weeds from taking it over.

He also has been doing a lot of work in the vegetable garden. He bought a small plastic greenhouse to lengthen the season:And he has put a lot of composted horse manure and old hay down as patches of plants such as our sweet potatoes are harvested.

sweet potatoes harvest

We did not grow tomatoes, but we bought some from a local farm, and made lots of tomato sauce. We froze it, after adding our own herbs, garlic, onions, peppers, and other veggies.

a bushel of small paste tomatoes.

tomatoes on the stove


putting them through the food mill

Here are a few more pictures of the garden and the harvest:




eggplant harvest

onion harvest




3 thoughts on “Back again finally!

  1. Is that KALE i see in the garden?? Look at that beautiful KALE!!! Wow, I love KALE! 🙂 The garden looks great, but I thought the greenhouse was going to be bigger. If it keeps the spinach alive, that’s all that matters. And look at all those eggplants and sweet potatoes! Good grief! You grew a lot of them–what a great harvest. I think I need to come up there and make some sweet potatoe fries and onion rings! So jealous….just wait til next year when I can have a bigger garden……..grumble, grumble, grumble………

  2. Everything looks delicious! Kerry and I have decided that Kale is our new religion, and yours looks so healthy. I also was just reading with my students the other day about how Birdsfoot designed these little plasticy-greenhouse structures (forgetting the word Rootdrinker used–it’s something that was in place then in Europe) and it was nice to see a picture of one.

    Beautiful writing and photos. Thank you, Anne!

  3. Anne (and David) the vegetable harvest looks fantastic. It was a good year although dry. I’m very happy we have a River pump for our garden. Thanks for posting so many great photographs.

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