Hopefully we have found a home for the many-toed grey kitten, and this possible taker says she might also take the black and white pinto kitten. Here are some photos.

This is grey kitty looking disgusted and leaving the area, while “Charlie” (David nixed the “Lucky” name) is oblivious. And here is Tater’s reaction. He has also retreated and is glaring at them malevolently. They got the hint and they are keeping a distance. Until they forget to, and go up to play with him again. Poor Tater! But mostly they play with each other. Here is the grey kitten trying to eat Charlie’s ear. Here is Charlie pouncing on the grey kitten. You see why I can’t get my work done? They’re adorable!

Best news of all is that I was wrong about there being nowhere to turn. It turns out that the St Lawrence County SPCA near Ogdensburg will take them if we can’t find them homes. At least the pressure is off, and we are hoping they will soon move to a new loving home. (The other cats hope so, too.)


1 thought on “Kittens

  1. Tater’s reaction is hilarious! He is actually sulking. Good luck getting rid of them. Thanks for coming down, and glad you are home safe and sound.

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