Quick “I’m back” post

I have good pictures from our garden-hopping trip out to the west coast, but between getting ready for the new semester, preparing for a concert (with the Northern Lights Orchestra) tomorrow and riding at the barn (Honeydew Acres farm–and here is my blog about my horse Tundra) , I have not spent much time to work with the photos or write blog posts or get out to my garden for some much-needed weed-wrestling.

On our way back from Schenectady we stopped at Kulak’s Nursery and purchased a few things for the garden–I finally bought some Roxanne geranium, and we bought a wind chime for the meditation garden. And we bought a Ninebark bush, large and coppery-colored. We just planted it this morning, with lots of help (?) from two kittens that were dropped off on the road next to our driveway a few days ago. I was irritated at the laziness of the droppers–why don’t they just take them to the SPCA? But when I tried to take them there, I found out why people drop off kittens: the SPCA can’t take kittens, unless you live in the few towns that have this service. After spending quite a lot of time on the phone to various SPCA offices, I realized that we are on our own with these kittens. We already have four cats, which is more than we want (we love cats but David is allergic). So I’ve been working on finding homes for them. Meanwhile, we are “fostering” them because we don’t have much choice. They thought the whole process of digging a big hole, filling it with water, putting in composted horse manure, and after planting covering the area with some hay mulch was great fun. I’ve already named one of them (I know, a bad sign) “Lucky”. Lucky is black and white. There’s also a grey one with seven toes on each paw who is just adorable, and we may have a taker for him. Lucky is adventurous, bold, and friendly. The grey one is timid, cautious and shy.

Quick mention: a beautiful big black-and-yellow garden spider has built a web in the meditation garden–hurray! Photos coming soon!

4 thoughts on “Quick “I’m back” post

  1. I would love a cat/kitten but also am allergic Anne. Good luck finding homes for them. I’m glad you had a good trip. Looking forward to some pictures when you get settled back in.

  2. The Daningburgs would love the 28-toed kitty, but alas, our Toby would not like him! Good luck, and can’t wait to see you later this week!!

  3. Oh, you’re going to love that Roxanne! What a geranium. It starts out little but now takes up quite a big area. Does fine with not so much sun, and flowers for months. Good choice!

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