Garden visitors and helpers

I have not been in my office for awhile, which is where I have to be to post, so I have a lot of updating to do. First of all, I paid Sam to help me with dismantling the wild garden under the kitchen window. I took before, during, and after photos:




another view of the finished garden

We pulled out all of the rocks except the one pile where rainwater comes down like a waterfall, and one “wall” which you can see. The bottom tier we took out and Sam shoveled the dirt up to the top bed. While Sam hauled rocks away I weeded the bed and potted some of the plants I wanted to save. Then Sam covered the whole thing with a thick layer of very old hay. I plan to plant hostas in this bed, but I am waiting for rain before I do that.

This morning I took photos of the old herb wheel, where some orienpets lilies and some orientals are blooming. Here is the whole area and then some nice portraits of the lilies:

old herb wheel

yellow and white orienpet

old herb wheel and morning sun

pink oriental lily

another pale pink oriental


stargazer oriental lily

And there are also orange tiger lilies in the old herb wheel.

tiger lilies

These lilies are all ragged from the red lily bugs, but they survived to bloom, as you see. When it rains and softens up the soil somewhat, I plan to move some of these up to my “safe zone” where I patrol for red lily bugs. I can’t bring all of the orienpets, but I want to bring all of the orientals and a half dozen or so of the orienpets. The oriental lilies that I have been protecting in the meditation garden are blooming now and they are just gorgeous. Here are some photos of them from this morning:

meditation garden lilies–stargazer

an interesting “patchy” oriental lily

The daylilies are past peak now but there are still plenty of them around. I never tire of taking photos of them.

fragrant and ruffled pale yellow

daylily shadows

The phlox are started now, and will bloom in big billowy drifts for a month. Here are some pictures of them:

white phlox

pale lavender phlox

The other exciting news is that the hibiscus we planted in early July has its first bloom. We’ve been watering it diligently, and in spite of being transplanted while budded, it’s going to give us a show this year:

In insect photography, we have the usual bumblebee–this one is a small bee on the cimifuga:


The vegetable garden is doing very well, thanks to lots of hay mulch and daily watering, plus weeding, hoeing, adding of old horse manure, all done by the vegetable gardener in the family, David. Here are some photos of the garden:

compost bin on the right, herb garden on left, beans and potatoes beyond that


rhubarb and horseradish in the foreground, a few nice healthy weeds, potatoes and hardy rice (!) on the left; Jeanne’s kale is in there somewhere also.













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