Finally, some rain

We had some very dramatic weather yesterday. David and the guy who leases the land and barn to keep his herd of beef cows were down in the barn trying to fix the water while I watched the blackish greenish clouds move in. Thunder muttered and the wind kicked up. It seemed to be raining all around us, but not on us. “Oh, come on, please!” I begged the wind, “bring that rain over here!” Before the rain did come we got some great views of lightning on the horizon. The sky looked so ferocious that David called the radio station to check if there was a tornado watch–no. But we did lose power for a few hours. Finally we got a downpour, and after that a soaking rain shower for most of the rest of the day. Heaven. I haven’t taken photos since the rain, but here are a few from a few days ago.

What? You want me to get off this hose so you can water? Pet me first, then I’ll think about it.

Hostas are blooming

White echinacea


1 thought on “Finally, some rain

  1. Jealous! We have not had a drop of rain for weeks. So the sprinkler is in daily use for the herb wheel, vegetable garden, and perennials. Good thing Lake Ontario is closeby!

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