Quick post–about contracting!

Ever since I’ve lived here, for 12 years now, the garden has expanded and the lawn has given way, sometimes by inches and often by yards at a time.  Now, it’s time to contract. It’s just too much garden for someone who also practices two instruments and rides a horse.

northside sandy garden

Here are the candidates for de-gardening: the southside lower bed, also known as the sandy garden. It is not only built over a sand pile, but is also underneath a black walnut tree. What was I thinking! It has been a struggle every year to keep plants happy there, but now with this drought it’s pretty sad. We are considering pulling out all the plants and then raking and sowing a prairie wildflower mix, because we are still not enamored of lawn.

northside pine tree garden

The other candidate for de-gardening is also on the north side, under the row of pine trees and, you guessed it, black walnuts. My idea there is to plant a wide variety of daylilies very close together and hope they hold their own against grass. Third, we’re going to dismantle the garden under the kitchen window.

under the kitchen window garden

Lastly, I’m going to pull back the lower edge of the backyard garden by about 5 feet. We’re thinking of planting low shrubs there. At the same time, to make edges easier to deal with by having less of them, We’re going to de-sod the entire rest of the back yard. More later on all this–I don’t have a lot of time today. Some friends are coming for supper so we’re going home soon and cooking and doing a little house-cleaning.


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