Old friends and new acquaintances

yellow daylily

This daylily in the meditation garden is like an old friend. I have chipped parts of it from the edges every year to give away or to plant elsewhere but every year it keeps getting bigger. It’s my favorite daylily. It’s sturdy, with short but strong stems and thick, big blossoms of clear yellow. When it starts to bloom I feel like a friend has knocked on my door after a long absence.

yellow daylily with coneflower

Last week we went to my husband’s brother’s wedding, and on our way back we stopped at a nursery to look at their huge selection of shrubs. He somehow managed to find a place for the hardy hibiscus we bought in the already-full car. It has buds and I’ve been watering it so I am hoping it will bloom. Hibiscus are iffy in this zone, so we gave it a sunny, sheltered spot.

hibiscus in blue pot, not yet planted

And I also have some recent photos of Jeanne’s herb wheel:

Herb wheel July 6

It looks like her funky echinacea is blooming now. The plants look full, but there is still that nice space around each one. My garden doesn’t have the same feel. Especially the back yard right now–it’s just a riot and the plants spread into each other.

Mostly false sunflower and echinacea

front yard

The phlox are starting. That, along with heliopsis and echinacea, is my most prolific self-seeder. I have to weed phlox seedlings out all over my garden every spring–otherwise I would have a phlox garden with a few other additions.


Phlox are generous–they make big billows of color, they bloom for at least a month and a half, and when they self-seed, they create all kinds of new shades. The white one above with the little pink center is that kind–I never bought it, it just made itself up!

I made a few big bouquets for the cafe the other day. I think it’s my last one for awhile–I find it is a chore and not a pleasure. Plus the lilies that used to flourish here are mostly gone to the red lily bug, and this year my delphiniums are failing, so it is more difficult to make up this kind of bouquets. These lilies, asiatics, are the last of my red, pink, orange and whites. In honor of my friends Nat and Zoe, I want to end this post with photo of my furry friend Mr Fluff.  Our lives are so much richer because of our animal friends.


2 thoughts on “Old friends and new acquaintances

  1. What beautiful flowers–with or without space in between the plants. There’s room in the world for both kinds of gardens–they both look great. The bouquets are lovely!!!! Can’t wait to see more in person this coming weekend.

  2. Dear Anne, I love this garden of wonders, and Mr. Fluff presiding over it all. You are an artist. I look forward to returning for a late summer tour. xx Nat

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