Pinks and reds

front yard just after a rain

Lots of red shades are starting up now. Finally the front yard garden has some pink and red.


The poppies that came from Eleanor,  Papaver somniferum, or “breadbox poppy”, have started blooming. Some are singles and some are wildly double.

floppy poppy

wild fuzzy poppies

They self seed all over and I have to weed them out every spring, letting only a few mature. A Nice pink monarda and the pink sweet peas add color, too, as well as a beautiful dark pink hollyhock.

pink beebalm (monarda)

sweet peas

false sunflower and hollyhock

And as promised, here are some pictures of the finished backyard wall.



Also, here is a picture of that new “trellis” that we put up the other day:

sweet pea trellis

My favorite photo was an accident, with a variety of reflections. This is the bay window.


2 thoughts on “Pinks and reds

  1. Love the relections photo. And the back yard walled garden looks very nice, and strangely empty. I am sure it will be full in two weeks!

    • I planted it full of seedlings, so small you can’t see them in the photo, now I just have to wait and hope they grow. I planted about 30 marine heliotrope, which should be beautiful if they grow fast enough. Those are annuals. I also planted my nasturtiums, and some delphiniums, but slugs and snails are eating the new leaves as fast as they sprout. It’s a race, but usually the plant wins. I also have two dahlias planted there and an annual dianthus. Next year I think I’ll buy petunias and marigolds to plant there.

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