June 25 update

Weeding a few days ago

We had a heat wave for several days, and the ground was very dry, plants seemed to be just enduring, not thriving. I did a bit of emergency watering for seedlings and potted plants, but I don’t have time for anything more than that.

These dicentra bloom all summer

Finally yesterday it clouded up and we got a little rain. Yesterday I finished the back yard wall, hurray! Pictures soon. Other than finishing that wall,  I’ve been weeding and laying down mulch.

an old rusty pail with no bottom made a nice garden feature

I’d love to get to the potting shed make-over, but the weeding and mulching gets top priority right now. Just starting to bloom: Daylilies, echinacea, phlox, monarda, sweet pea, shasta daisies, yarrow, veronica. Still blooming strongly: false sunflower, evening primrose, roses, delphinium, larkspur, penstemon, campanulas, cleome, dianthus, geranium.

Stella de Oro daylilies

When I finished the backyard wall, I planted out all my heliotrope and the rest of my delphinium seedlings and nasturtium. About 1/3 of the decorative sunflowers that I grew from seed and planted have made it through the drought and have managed not to be eaten by bugs, but these are dwarfed by the sunflowers that self-seeded from last year’s sunflowers.

sweet pea

We built a–OK, I watched my husband build–a trellis for the sweet pea to grow on (picture soon) of an old step ladder. It doesn’t look pretty but it does the job.

evening primrose


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