June 10 garden update

campanula glomerata

The lovely, medium short, intensely colored campanula glomerata opened a few days ago.  The first daylily opened today, surprisingly early. It’s one of the new ones I ordered this Spring from Oakes Daylilies, an excellent catalog source for daylilies.

daylily scapes

Most of the many daylilies in the garden are just sending up scapes now. Delphinium are starting, but I have only a few of these this year–my older plants are waning, and this year’s batch planted from seed are tiny, stubbornly refusing to grow bigger. I bought some more seeds and will start them outside after letting them chill for a few weeks in the fridge. Pink spirea are blooming, as are the charming creamy yellow foxglove that I got from my gardening friend Nancy. The foxglove are finally, after a very slow start, established in two spots.

yellow foxglove–I love how they contrast with the bronzy color of the weigela bush

Also, the lime green flowers of lady’s mantle (Alchemilla mollis), from another friend, are blooming now.

lady’s mantle blooms

Other plants are budded–I find buds as interesting as flowers. Here are sundrop (evening primrose) buds,

evening primrose/sundrops (Oenothera)

and a False Sunflower Heliopsis helianthoides bud.

close up of helianthus bud

Salvia, Valerian, and a beautiful glittering white yarrow are blooming now.



white yarrow

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