Last day at 50!

Tomorrow I turn 51–starting a new decade. So far in my life each decade has been better than the last, so I am optimistic! In the garden I’ve been putting in some pretty serious rip and tear time. Here is a crater where spiderwort (tradescantia) was.

tradescantia crater

It is a lovely plant, vigorous and spreading, with amazing long-blooming flowers of unusual design. We have a  pale magenta kind and a dark royal purple kind. It is one of the plants I take special care of because it was one of the dozen or so flowers that were here when I arrived. But we have LOTS of it, and planted in most of my gardens it overwhelms all neighbors; grows up tall and then flops over on top of everything nearby like a green grassy wave. So I’ve been moving them out of gardens and into safer areas like half-wild hillsides. In other big news, the iris are now blooming:

intermediate iris

I have been digging up narcissus where I planted them in huge areas of the backyard garden about five years ago. They are now crowded and take up too much prime real estate. I am taking hundreds of them to give away at a plant swap next week.

narcissus waiting for a new home

I also took a fun picture of a bumblebee enjoying the solomon’s seal:


Every morning when I’m on summer break I start out the day with a cup of coffee and three pages of journaling, happily cross-legged in an antique comfy chair that lives in my study/music practice room. Lately I mostly fill those pages with lists of things to do in the garden. The big garden jobs I figure will take another two weeks, and after that I can attend to details, routine maintenance, and sitting around watching the bees. I love coffee breaks. I leave empty coffee cups all over the garden. Here’s one now:

coffee cup, peony, forget-me-nots, path

I made another “bench” the other day. It was the day of the big garden party. Near the end, with most guests gone, I disappeared to sit in the horse pasture by myself near the little stream. I spied a rock that was perfect in size and shape to be a bench seat. But getting it to the garden took real determination. It was too heavy to carry, so I laboriously flipped it end over end all the way across the pasture, past the curious horses, through the gate, up the driveway, and beside the northside garden. Next day I “built” the bench:

great spot for a cup of coffee!

As for other heavy duty and not really fun jobs, I have finished eradicating most of the lilies in the main gardens, but I still have a few hundred out in the old herb wheel and even some in the vegetable garden.

our mail box

I am saving the orientals in the meditation garden and bringing up the La Reves from the herb wheel, and I’ll just have to pick bugs every day.

Tater goofing off

So many plants have started blooming now that it is hard to keep up with them: iris, centaura, wood hyacinth, poppies, columbine, primrose, bleeding heart, lilacs, lily-of-the-valley, and more I am probably forgetting right now.

perennial bachelor’s button, centaura montana

I’ll end this post with the star of the show right now–the flamboyant poppies:


One thought on “Last day at 50!

  1. wonderful pictures–one of my favorites is the mailbox, leaning precariously towards the posted maple tree!! Can’t wait to come sit on the porch and drink TEA and lemonade!

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