herb wheel update and a few more photos

May 15 and grades are due tomorrow at midnight, so I am still just posting photos and will write more after Thursday. Here is Jeanne’s herb wheel on May 12:

The herb wheel May 12

Jeanne is a college teacher, too, but her semester ended a week earlier so she is done grading. I called her this morning, “Hi! What are you doing today?” I innocently asked. She replied happily,”I’m going to the such and such [I forget the name] garden shop to get an echinacea¬† of a really beautiful color, for the herb wheel, and then I am going to so-and-so gardening center to look around, and then…” That’s when I stopped her. “Hey, I still have two more days of solid grading! I’m sorry I asked!” But in a few days I’ll be as happy as her, flitting to garden centers and local greenhouses. In fact yesterday I did get a few plants at the coop: thyme, rosemary, cilantro, sage, and a six-pack of salad greens.

More about the Mother’s Day garden party later. For now, here are some really fun photos I took this morning:

dandilion seedhead

Yesterday afternoon I saw a flock of goldfinches feasting on dandilion seeds. Somehow this one managed to get past Nancy, who was garden touring and pulling dandilions out of my garden at the party! New arrivals: iris, orange poppies, and dame’s rocket.

intermediate iris, champagne colored

But I want to post some primroses–so lovely! Here is a yellow variety:

yellow primroses

and a close-up:

yellow primrose blossom

and here is the red one:

red velvet

And there is also a purple magenta primrose:

purple primrose

and a close up:

primrose close up

And I have to show the bug shot of the day:

narcissus and friends

and last but not least, my gorgeous heuchera, coral bell, interplanted with stinging nettles and lady’s bells (adenophora?)–I’ll hopefully be removing the nettles–right into the soup pot!

coral bells, nettles and ladybells

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