A few quick photos

I am on my way to give an exam, so I’ll just post a few pictures of the garden and write more later. The anemone sylvestris is blooming beautifully right now.

Anemone Sylvestris, wood anemone

Also in full bloom is the tallish primrose whose name I can’t remember. North Hill strain, maybe? I saw my first hummingbird moth of the season in the primrose patch, but it had zoomed away before my camera and I arrived.

patch of primroses

Here is a close-up:

primrose close-up

Peonies are budded!

peony bud

And so are the orange poppies:

poppy buds

And the lily-of-the-valley are budded and unfurling:

convallaria majalis, lily-of-the-valley

And here is Mr Fluff taking a nap in the Myosotis sylvatica Forget-me-nots, with our blue ball, one of our garden’s few decorations:

Blue ball with cat

2 thoughts on “A few quick photos

  1. Love the pictures, but i bet Mr. Fluff is waiting for some unsuspecting bird ….you only think he is asleep!

  2. Gorgeous photos! I love all of them, but I especially like the sheen of the blue ball and how the cat looks so small in comparison. Lovely photos, Anne!

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