Camera fun in the garden

But first, an update on my sister’s herb wheel:

Apparently the weather there is as damp and dark as it is here–the rain is great for growing things, so no complaints.

And as a bonus, she sent me this wonderful photo of her daughter’s indoor cactus “bowl” plantation. When cacti decide to bloom they don’t mess around.

Front yard

You can see above the pile of “dead” hay we use for mulch, and my fancy concrete block bench. In the foreground a hydrangea is thinking about leafing out. The deer prune this hydrangea for us every year.

Out in the garden this morning I had some fun with the camera. I had not had my morning coffee because supplies are low so I was having trouble holding the camera steady for the close-up shots.

Aquilegia with raindrops

Then Grey kitty showed up and tried hard to get in the way. The resulting photo was kind of cute, but not what I was aiming at.


I was aiming at these hosta shoots, which are interesting in both shape and color.

The ferns are curling up out of the dirt,

Ostrich Fern Matteuccia pensylvanica

and Mertensia (Virginia Bluebells) are blooming, coming up through a dense carpet of gooseneck loosestrife (Lysimachia Clethroides).

Virginia Bluebells

I set the camera down on the ground near the feet of the “Red Charm” peony I have been “tracking” since its first pointed shoots emerged.


Red Charm peony, from a different perspective

In the meditation garden, (where we never meditate) I have red tulips up. You can see my elegant concrete wall–as you can guess, there were lots of left-over concrete blocks scattered around the yard that I have found good uses for.

Tulips in the meditation garden

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