Supposed to be grading…

snow on pulmonaria

blue blooms in snow--pulmonaria

…but I’m playing around with my blog. I’m trying to figure out what I can change without paying for a fancier version of this wordpress site. And changing the header, thinking about how big the photos should appear, trying to figure out how to add tags— OK, yes, I am also procrastinating. A stack of draft research papers to grade, and suddenly all kinds of things seem more fun–including messing with this blog. All teachers know this scene. Cleaning the house, going for another coffee, calling so-and-so, … are suddenly imperative tasks. But the pile of papers doesn’t grade or comment on itself. So, I’m turning off the computer, and getting to it.


shivering tulips

2 thoughts on “Supposed to be grading…

  1. Since you have turned off your computer, you won’t see my comments, but I’ll make them anyway. 🙂 I feel your pain, your procrastination, the pull of the chores that hold no appeal until a stack of papers needs to be graded. Almost finished with the semester though! The end is in sight, and man am I running for it! Love the new picture of the liles against the wood and stone–nice effect! Now, I have to get back to grading! Bye!

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