My garden grows beautiful dandilion and stinging nettles.


a healthy dandilion

I’ve become an expert in digging out dandilion, but I also enjoy their cheerful yellow flowers and I don’t go after them like I go after grass. When I was in 8th grade a group of wild food advocates and environmentalists visited out school. They took my science class to the local river to test the water, and had my “home economics” class gather dandilion flowers and buds–we made batter to coat them in, and fried them–yum!

stinging nettles

stinging nettles

I also have heard that stinging nettles are nutritious if eaten while they are young. We have LOTS of stinging nettles around here. Here’s a nice patch in my shade garden below the kitchen window on the north side of the house. Yesterday I was checking out recipes for both dandilion and nettles. Why not eat them! When I was a kid we used to gather wild leeks from the woods to eat. We ate young leaves of milkweed once, also, sauteed in butter. We gathered big white puffball mushrooms to slice and fry in butter, and did the same with morels.

This week the primroses started blooming. These can be divided easily every year, as they multiply rapidly. I have them all over because they are so cheerful and cold hardy.


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