starting seeds- germination!

delphinium calendula lily yarrow

delphinium with calendula, lily, and yarrow

I used to think that lilies and delphiniums were the final word in elegance. They seemed aristocratic to me, and since I am anything but aristocratic, it never occurred to me when I started gardening that I could have these stately plants in my garden.

asiatic lily

asiatic lily

Then my friend and neighbor Kathleen encouraged me to plant Asiatic lilies. I started with “Negros”, a dark red lily (left), and then planted some bright yellow ones, I forget their name.

And then when I first started planting seeds I bought a packet of delphinium seeds at the local hardware store–pacific? I don’t remember the type right now, but they were tall. I was astonished that I had 100% germination, and was awash with healthy vigorous seedlings that all matured into five and even six foot tall plants. Since then I plant delphinium seeds every Spring, since mine tend to last for three or four years and then they just don’t come up again. Because they are so tall I am careful to plant them in parts of the yard that are somewhat sheltered from the wind.

sky blue delphinium

sky blue delphinium

Lilies and hollyhocks don’t seem bothered by wind, but I have to stake or otherwise protect the delphiniums and my tall bearded iris. So, I have my seeds in and they have just sprouted in the last two days. I planted them on April 1. My husband started his onions and some herbs earlier and they are well along.

basil and parsley seedlings

basil and parsley seedlings

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