compost picture

As promised, here is the photo of our new compost bin.

new compost bin

the new compost bin

It is all “brown” at this point, dead stalks and leaves. It has been quite dry in the last few weeks so it has not had enough moisture, so it is doing a whole lot of nothing at the moment. It is right next to a patch of comfrey, and I will add comfrey leaves to the pile–I heard that’s an excellent source of nitrogen. Yesterday we hooked up our outdoor water system (involving a lot of hoses and posts and hydrants–I’ll take pictures of it and explain it in more detail in a later post–it’s a basic but effective system) so if it stays dry I’ll water the bin. If the weather gets rainy, I might put a tarp over the bin to keep it from getting too wet.


2 thoughts on “compost picture

  1. The only successful compost bin I had looked just like this one. A cylinder of wire at the Main street house–next to the garage and garden. Todd pulled out some beautiful black soil from the bottom of it one day after two years of adding to the pile. Never did anything to it except add to it. Must have had enough water and green and brown to satisfy the hungry microbes. Good luck with yours! 🙂

    • Hi! Thanks for the comment–I am new enough at this blogging thing to get very excited when I have a comment! About your two-year composting success–it sounds like our experience, where the primary ingredient appears to be patience! By the way, check out my new page about Tundra!

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