Snowy morning

I am in a grading marathon this morning (with 49 papers to grade by Wednesday morning) so I will post a few photos from the weekend and post a more substantial blog later on. March 31 we woke up to a little snow, nothing that would stay for long, but pretty while it lasted. Dot out in the pasture kept an eye on me since I was late with her breakfast.

Dot in snow

Dot in snow

front yard maple

front yard maple

Early blooming varieties of daffodils didn’t recover from the frosty night temperatures; dicentra shoots were blasted dead, as were new iris leaves. But daffodil leaves and buds seem fine, as are most other plants. Pulmonaria have begun blooming and are completely unconcerned about the cold.

On our garden tour we looked at buds of clematis and lilacs, and most seem OK.

daffodil bloom and snow

daffodil bloom and snow




The peony shoots, bright red, are spearing out of the ground, and primroses are budded.

peony shoots

peony shoots








front yard stone terraces

front yard stone

The front yard slopes gently, and we have about half of it terraced with low stone walls.





One thought on “Snowy morning

  1. Beautiful pictures! I have been curious to know how gardeners would deal with winter after spring which started as summer! Keep these posts coming. I love them. I’ll have Zoe grade your papers!

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