First Day of Spring

Today, winter aconite, pansies, and crocuses are blooming. Pansies bloomed all winter long, this year, but still I don’t take them for granted. Daffodils in the sunny spot against the wall are budded out and will probably bloom in a few days. Everything is weeks early this year.

Today is the first day of Spring, 2012, and my plan is to post photos and comments about my garden once a week for a year. My garden is zone four, more or less, just north of the Adirondack Mountains in New York State, just south of the St. Lawrence River Valley.

Unearthed Toy

Unearthed Toy

When I moved in to this old farmhouse (built ca. 1880s) ten years ago there was an acre of lawn and a sprinkling of perennials thriving under benign neglect: some peonies, large vigorous stands of valerian, plantations of orange day lilies, forests of tiger lilies, and a patch of iris. On an overgrown hillside were dense clumps of white narcissus, along with exuberant billows of pink wild rose.

Since I moved in I have removed about 2/3 of the lawn and replaced it with perennial beds. One of the many magical things about this process is unearthing treasures: old buttons, nails, toys, shards of pottery, marbles. One of them sits here on a rusty piece of farm equipment next to an equally rusty iron kettle. I found a small chipped white button yesterday.

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